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We are all aware the PNW weather can be unpredictable and rainy…for most of the year. That’s why it’s important to weatherproof any patio projects you are planning on doing or already have!

If you are looking for a paving contractor working in Beaverton, Oregon and surrounding areas, your first and last stop is RBP Construction. If you would like to inquire about our services and ask for a quote, give us a call at 971-291-3812 or email us at

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We work with experts who are energetic about their profession and focused on accomplishing the most ideal outcomes, you can have confidence that your project will be in trustworthy hands all the way. When you work with us, you’ll get the chance to talk with experts who will listen, understand, and bring your visions to life.  

Our Services:

Asphalt contractor – if you need your paving to be properly installed and maintained. If you’re looking for a dependable contractor – look no further. 

Asphalt resurfacing – Whether you are paving your driveway, garage, or any other surface in your property, we are here to help. 

Notwithstanding the nature or extent of the task you may have for us in the Beaverton greater area, we’re prepared to handle the job in the best way possible. For more information about our paving services, contact our RBP Construction experts at 971-291-3812 or email us at

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