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Without a doubt, moving the earth is an aspect of our job. But at the same time, part of our service is to offer superior service with our work. At RBP Construction, we go to the extra mile to ensure our customers receive the best care and service possible. With a team of over 20 years of experience, we are committed to offering superb commercial excavation work. Get your free quote today by contacting us at or by calling 971.291.3812.

Whether you need excavation services to clear land, lay out a new foundation or concrete work, new roads or other, RBP Construction is here to ensure your commercial project is ready for anything. We have the knowledge and expertise to complete any project with a hassle-less environment. 

When you’re starting large projects on your commercial or residential property, it’s important to make sure that all the paperwork is in order.  Without the necessary licenses and permits, your construction can be held up for weeks or even months battling paperwork. In working with our professionals for excavating and contracting, we assist our clients in getting the appropriate local permits that allow the work to start on time.  In doing so, we make sure that all of our sites are secured for safety, and work won’t be interrupted unnecessarily mid-project.  At RBP Construction, we are fully licensed and certified to perform your excavating tasks in the Portland Northwest.

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When beginning large projects it’s essential to ensure all paperwork is in order. Without the proper licenses and permits, your development can be held up for a considerable length of time or even months fighting administrative work. In working with our experts in excavating and contracting, we help our customers in getting the proper permits and licenses needed to follow a timely schedule. At RBP Construction we are fully licensed and certified to perform your excavating projects in the Portland Northwest.

When you want the best local excavating services, get started today by contacting our team of experts from RBP Construction. Our team of specialists is ready to work some dirt.

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